How to set a Canon 1000d camera - How to set a Canon 1000d camera - Autofocus tips. Accurate focus is important for getting sharp photos. Photos that are distorted in focus are difficult or almost beyond repair. In ancient times, there was the only manual focus. But fortunately, modern digital SLR cameras have autofocus. To set the Canon 1000d camera, we must determine the right autofocus mode so that the resulting image is sharp and consistent.


The following are some of the autofocus modes commonly found on DSLR cameras.

Single Point Focus (Nikon) Or One Shot (Canon)

This mode is quite simple, you select a focus point, then half-press the shutter button. The camera will lock the focus point. This mode is specifically for photo objects that do not move, such as natural scenery, model photos, products, and so on. Be careful when using this mode because if the object is moving, the focus will no longer be accurate.

How do I set up the Canon 1000d camera?

Continuous autofocus (Nikon) or AI Servo (Canon)

This mode is the opposite of the first mode above. When the autofocus is activated by pressing the shutter button halfway, the camera will follow the motion of a moving photo object. This mode is suitable for photography of sports, birds, and other moving objects.

The way it works is more or less where the camera predicts the movement of the photo object then moves the focus point according to the prediction. All we need to do is half-press the shutter button and follow the photo object.

• AF-A or AI-Focus

This autofocus mode is a mixed-mode between single shooting and continuous-servo autofocus mode

• Select a focus point

9 autofocus points that are usually found on Canon DSLR cameras. 9 autofocus points that are usually found on Canon DSLR cameras.

• Manual focus

Although in the era of digital SLR cameras, the manual focus has largely been abandoned, there are some situations where manual focus is absolute or recommended.

How To Always Focus Photos On Target

Autofocus tips are:

• Use a center focus point especially if you have a beginner digital SLR camera or an older camera

• Half-press the shutter button to lock the focus, then you can recompose the photo by moving the camera left or right

• Turn on the autofocus assist lamp

• focus on photo objects that lack contrast

• Look for focus confirmation in the viewfinder, usually as a green circle or green square

• Use the live view feature to enlarge the photo object

So many reviews about how to set the Canon 1000d camera, hopefully, this is useful, thank you.


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