DSLR Camera Settings at Night

Teknoto.net - DSLR Camera Settings at Night - For beginners, taking photos at night can be considered complicated, especially using a DSLR camera. If you don't understand, it could be that your shots will look blurry or completely dark. Even so, for beginners, it is guaranteed to be able to successfully photograph any object in low light conditions even at night.


Aperture Must Be Set To The Sharpest Number

To successfully shoot using a DSLR camera at night, the first thing you have to set is your aperture setting. For example, the camera aperture is f / 2.8, so you have to set the sharpest aperture at f / 5.6 and f / 8.

Adjust the White Balance Settings on Your Camera

The function of adjusting the white balance settings on the camera?

If the object you shoot at night is an urban condition with a lot of light, then the thing that you have to adjust so that your shots at night are very beautiful is the White Balance setting. Try adjusting the White Balance setting to the number range 3000 to 7000k only. By setting this number range, it is guaranteed that your shots at night will be beautiful.

Don't Raise Your Camera's ISO Level

When shooting at night, try not to raise the ISO level of your camera. Place the ISO setting at the lowest point your DSLR camera has. Increasing the ISO level means increasing noise and reducing the sharpness of the object you are aiming at.

Use Short Focus

When shooting at night, try using a zoom lens with a short focal length. You see, a long focal length has the potential to cause blur due to vibrations caused when aiming at objects.

Reduce the Flare Effect, Just Use a Wide Angle Lens

If you shoot at night, a flare will usually appear. Especially if the object you are photographing is close to a certain light source. So, to reduce this effect, just use a wide-angle lens. The use of a wide-angle lens will make the object have a wider viewing angle and also a wide Depth of Field. So that all parts of the object can be seen clearly and brightly.

How to Use the RAW Format

To get the best photos at night, you can tweak the RAW photo format, both the white balance, brightness, and contrast settings without reducing the image quality. So many ways to set a DSLR camera at night. I hope this is useful for you, thank you.


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