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Teknoto.net - Cellphone Camera Settings - This time I will discuss how to set a cellphone camera so that later when uploaded on Instagram the results are good. But before proceeding to post, there is a message for you. First, there is no instant learning.


So even though you understand this material, it will not necessarily immediately produce maximum photos. Second, there is no such thing as master, temperature, or anything, here I just want to tell you how to set the cellphone camera correctly.

Keep the Camera Focused

If you use automatic mode on an HP camera, try to always keep the camera focused so you can get maximum results. By using manual mode, we usually take the wrong focus of the image or sometimes pay less attention to the focus of the camera. As a result, the image sometimes has a slightly blurry effect.

Keep the lens clean

This is the most important but sometimes it is always overlooked. We recommend that before the photo we first clean the camera lens for maximum results. Maybe it could happen because we carelessly touch or hold the camera lens so that dirt and oil stick. The solution is only one, clean using a tissue, or a soft cloth-like the cloth used to clean the glasses better.

What are the steps for setting up the correct cellphone camera?

Use Manual Mode

You don't have to use manual mode, you can also use automatic mode. But sometimes we also need to use manual mode in some cases. For example, I often use manual mode when it is difficult to get focus for close-up or macro shots.

Observe Lighting

You can take photos in the open after 3:00 p.m. Local time, at that time the lighting is very good for photography activities. As for indoor photos, try to make lighting that is not too dark or too bright.

Camera grid function

The camera grid function is to get the right photo composition

Try to Understand the Golden Ratio

If you are already using the Grid, don't forget to study the golden ratio. The reason is, the combination of these two things can produce very maximum photos. We may even get professional-grade photographic results.

Snap Several Times

Try not to take one shot, take a few more. So by taking a few shots, we can more freely choose photos that we think are good.

Practice often

practice as often as possible will make us even better at taking photos, so don't give up. Thus the article on how to set the correct cellphone camera, hopefully, this article can be useful for you, thank you.


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