Tips To Keep Your Android PHONE From Slow

Teknoto.Net - Tips To Keep Your Android PHONE From Slow - Do some of these things to improve android performance. The condition of android phones lot is normal for both high and lower-class smartphones. However, you don't have to worry, here are some Android tips that you can apply so that your Android phone doesn't slow down and your smartphone's performance stays fast. Check out the reviews below.

Remove Apps You Rarely Use

The first Android tip is related to the app you're using. Some Android devices embed apps made by these vendors, whereas they are rarely or not even used by users. Not all of these apps can be uninstalled, but you can disable them through Settings Apps, select the app you mean, select Uninstall or Disable to keep your Android phone from slow.

How do I prevent my Android phone from getting slow?

Use Lightweight Apps

If your phone has a limited amount of RAM and internal memory, it's recommended that you implement a second Android tip: install a lightweight app. Nowadays, many developers release a lite version of the application.

Diligently Install Updates

You are advised to install operating system updates immediately because some updates typically result in performance improvements. You can check for updates through the settings about phone system updates.

Avoid Using Live Wallpapers

Applying Live Wallpaper can make your smartphone look more attractive, but unfortunately, Live Wallpaper can make your phone performance slow down. It is recommended that you apply regular wallpaper.

Using a lightweight launcher

Some built-in launchers from HP vendors often make HP's performance slow down. This Android tip you can apply, which is to use a lightweight launcher like a launcher made by Google.

Setting Apps in the Background

Apps running in the background can drain your battery quickly. To resolve this, it is recommended that you regularly monitor your HP battery usage. You can go to Battery Settings. If you see an app with abnormal battery usage, you can press Force Stop.

Using the Battery Saver Browser

Battery life is one of the crucial things in using a smartphone. If you like surfing the internet, you can use a web browser application that can save battery power usage.

Restart your Smartphone

The last Android tip to speed up HP's performance easily and practice is to restart HP. These tips can help stop unnecessary apps, clear your cache, and improve the performance of your smart HP. Thus reviews tips so that android phones are not slow hopefully useful.


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