Tips On How to Modify Xiaomi Display

Teknoto.Net - Tips On How to Modify Xiaomi Display - As a cheap phone of course the display given is arguably so simple that it is not surprising that its users often feel bored. That's why you should know how to change Xiaomi's look to look more comfortable and like any other expensive phone.

You can change anything you want or install any App, but it's not easy and can't be careless because it could look less cool. Therefore, we want to provide a way to be able to modify the Xiaomi display as desired, more cool and elegant. Let's take a good look at the steps below.

How to modify the Xiaomi display?

Below is how to install a ready-made theme or create your custom theme to suit your taste. Please just select which method you want to use as follows.

Your Own Custom Themes

If at the first point we make a total change because we use the theme that is already available alias ready install. The changes include:

  •  Lock screen style

  • Status bar display for shortcuts, battery icons, signal icons, and clocks.
  • The icon pack on the home screen displays from messages, phone, was, etc. Up to iconic third-party game icons.
  •  Display typing menus and sent messages etc. related to messaging.
  •  Dial pad and phone calls
  • Favorite tray

How to Apply

Before implementing it I want to give little tips that make as many theme choices as possible, not only 1 but good because over time will get bored. The first step is to open the themes app on Xiaomi phone, then select the bottom right corner icon to go to the local theme menu or save themes. Then click customize theme menu. Once logged in, please select which view you want to change.

Install The Finished Theme

Following what we mentioned above, the aperture car to install the finished theme that has been provided by Xiaomi designers or other designers. You can choose a cool theme that is not in Xiaomi's built-in theme app in the Xiaomi theme penetrate there are a lot of cool options and are not easily bored. Thus reviews on tips on how to modify the Xiaomi look may be useful.


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