Tips And Tricks About Android Phone Cache

Teknoto.Net - Tips And Tricks About Android Phone Cache - Probably many of you do not know what cache is, the cache itself is temporary data stored on your smartphone, so for example you open a web page and the data on that page will be saved automatically. Okay, this time I'll give you some important information about the cache.

Cache Function

The function of the cache on the android phone itself is quite useful, where if we open the page again will not take long and certainly more efficient. The problem is that the more we open a web page or whatever it is, it will leave a lot of temporary data. Well, this temporary data could be one of the causes of your smartphone slowing down.

What are the benefits of Clearing Cache on Android?

Benefits of Clear Cache

There is an advantage if we clean the cache manually, the advantage we get is that you can store storage media on the smartphone. Sometimes the cache is broken, and deleting it is the best solution. Caches also sometimes contain data about your security and privacy, and if someone misuses the cache, your data may be stolen.

If the application does not want to update, clearing the cache may force the application to update. Yes, that's the advantage you can get if you clear the cache. For its cleaning, there is no need for routines, because Android itself is set to discard data that is no longer useful.

But this is quite important if the cache contains personal security information, so when you want to lend a smartphone, it would be better if you clear all kinds of caches. There are also conditions required to clear the cache if the application cannot be updated.

Effects on Smartphones and Apps

Of course, there will be a very noticeable effect, where once you finish clearing the application cache you will not be as smooth as usual, because all existing caches have been cleaned. Storage or storage media is also more spacious, due to the large number of caches deleted, and you may be able to use it to store photos, videos, or install apps.

Oh yes, the additional information, if it has cleared the cache, will not delete the progress of the game, or keep deleting your bookmarks, so the permanently stored data will remain safe because the deleted data is temporary. So many articles about tips and tricks about android phone cache, hopefully, this article is useful for all of you.


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