Smart Features In Oppo Smartphones

Teknoto.Net - Smart Features In Oppo Smartphones - Smartphones or smartphones are certainly designed to provide convenience for their users, through the features offered. From the beginning only as a means of communication, now smartphones have become a versatile device. Even so, not all smartphone vendors provide smart features in all their smartphone lines.

There are special treatments on certain series that for example come with special features, while others. This does not apply to Oppo. This smartphone manufacturer from Dongguan also has smart features that they developed to make it easier for users of their devices. The term is Smart Feature. Smart features on Oppo devices include Smart Assistant, Smart Sidebar, Smart Driving, and Gaming Assistant. All of them have different functions.

How do I use Oppo's smart features?

Oppo Smart Assistant

Smart Assistant displays information like Weather, Step Tracker (step counter), event reminders, favorite contacts, Quick Functions, and popular apps, then puts it on one page for easy quick access.

This feature allows you to quickly open your favorite apps or contact the contacts you communicate with most often. This feature can also be customized to suit your needs.

Oppo Smart Sidebar

The next smart feature is multitasking. This feature has been one of the advantages of smartphones since their creation. Users can use multiple apps quickly or even simultaneously.

Oppo provides the convenience of multitasking where you'll have instant access to your favorite apps and tools. It's possible to switch between apps, File Transfer, Reply to Messages, or Screenshots while playing a game or watching a video, without the hassle of searching for them first.

Oppo Smart Driving

Using a smartphone while driving is strongly discouraged as it can result in accidents. Even minor distractions while driving can lose focus and pose a very dangerous risk.

Therefore, Oppo has designed a feature that can help users avoid this while driving. This feature can still provide comfortable communication without compromising focus while driving.

Oppo Gaming Assistant

This feature is called Gaming Assistant which is in Game Space. This feature has several functions to eliminate the display of notifications, reject calls, lock the brightness of the screen while playing the game. This feature also has a Competition mode that can improve game performance, frame rate, and responsiveness. Thus reviews about smart features in oppo smartphones may be useful.


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