How To Set Find My Device on Android PHONE

Teknoto.Net - How to Set Find My Device on Android PHONE - Smartphones have become a part of people's daily lives and are very helpful for us in our activities. Smartphones are not a new item because until now smartphone users have mushroomed everywhere.

Also, Android phones contain apps that contain personal accounts such as LINE, WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. Of course, it would be very annoying and risky if someone else managed to log into the app using your account or misuse your data.

How do I set Find My Device on Android?

Well, what if your smartphone is lost? Generally, people will panic and worry if their smartphone is lost. But, you don't just give up. You can still track, lock them, and remotely erase them.

How to Set Find My Device on Android PHONE

Setting up Find My Device on your Android phone is very easy and simple. However, you must be connected to the Internet to be able to use this feature. Here are the steps to set up Find My Device on your smartphone:

How to Enable location features on your phone

· Tap the Settings> Location menu.

· Slide Location to ON as shown by the arrows in the image below. Then, set the Mode to High accuracy.

· Here's how to hide your device on Google Play and it won't show in Find My Device.

· Open settings.

· Then, under Visibility, select your device.

To search for your device, use 2 Ways that is through the Find My Device app and browser. Open your browser, either via smartphone or PC. Copy the link to in your browser. Then, sign in to your Google account. You can see the current position of your mobile phone. If you have more than one device, click the device you want to track at the top of the screen.

There are several main functions in Find My Device

First Play Sound super hard disguises the device for 5 minutes. Secure Device to remotely lock your device and give you a custom message. Erase the Device to remotely erase the data on your device. For example, if you select the Play Sounds menu.

Your phone will automatically ring for 5 minutes. Click the Ring Stop button to stop ringing your phone. If your HP's automatic location detection is off, then when you track your phone it will only show the last position of your HP. Thus reviews on how to set Find My Device on an Android phone hopefully useful.


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