Travel Tips When It Rains Without Car Air Conditioning

Teknoto.Net - When traveling using a private vehicle is indeed Fun but arriving in the middle of the road the weather turns rainy and incidentally the car's air conditioning cooling system does not work normally or dies, it is certainly very disruptive to your trip and very dangerous.

If your car is experiencing a problem with a less cold or air conditioning cooling system, you should always be alert when it rains so that your trip is not disrupted and can continue the journey comfortably.

Car vehicles equipped with cold air conditioning certainly make your trip very comfortable with family and loved ones, but not if your vehicle experiences a problem of bad air conditioning cooling system of course your trip will be disrupted either hot weather or rainy weather arrives. Maybe if the weather is hot you can open the door glass for air circulation and can be added with a fan then it can reduce the heat in the room in the car.

If you travel when the rain arrives then your journey will be disrupted and if you force it it will be very dangerous for you and others. Drive when the rain arrives and incidentally your car's cooling system or air conditioner is problematic then the dew will cover your entire windshield and will result in your view out will blur even the windshield is not see-through. 

This situation is very superstitious if you force continues the journey, you should stop pulling over on the shoulder of the road or you can find a safe place do not forget to turn on the hazard lights.

Ok friend friends do not worry I will share tips on how to get you to continue the journey when the rain arrives with your car's air conditioning cooling system is not functioning normally or your car's air conditioner is dead, let's just look at the following tips review:

Travel Tips When It Rains Without Car Air Conditioning

Before doing the trip you can prepare shampoo, it does not need much you can prepare sachets of shampoo only and keep it well in your car so that one day you are traveling suddenly it rains you can use the shampoo, the way is quite easy.

1. When the rain arrives you should stop at a safe place

2. Then you take a tissue or a clean cloth.

3. Next pour shampoo to taste on the cloth tissue that you have prepared.

4. Then you can wipe your entire windshield until smooth.

5. Then the dew of the car glass that once covered the entire windshield will disappear instantly and your car glass is clear and clean from the dew that disturbs your car glass.

6. After that you can continue your journey and you can open your car door glass a little so as not to be stuffy.

7. Do not forget you remain careful in driving and still put safety in your life.


If you are on a rainy trip arriving and your car air conditioner is no longer cold, you can use shampoo to remove moisture on the windshield so that you can continue your journey safely and comfortably.

Hopefully useful.

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