Signs of Troubled Alternators

Teknoto.Net - The alternator is one of the most vital and important car parts that you should pay attention to.

The alternator is a car part component that is assy on the engine or engine of the vehicle, the alternator is moved by the engine rotation by the ACG bell intermediary or Belt AC Generator to generate electric current.

Alternator function on vehicles

The alternator has a very vital function role and needs to be taken seriously so that the performance of the machine is maintained well, especially the electric current part to remain stable even though the electric current is used together and for a long period.

 All vehicles are equipped with batteries but batteries cannot cover all the electrical needs of long-term vehicles including turning on engine ignition without an Alternator.

Alternators can convert rotary energy into electrical energy and can maintain and meet the electric needs of vehicles along the way, not only that the alternator is also able to charge the electric current on the battery along the road and all the time as long as the vehicle is turned on.

Faulty Alternator Problems

If the alternator of the vehicle is damaged then there will be problems with the electricity of the vehicle including the battery of your vehicle will drop because when the vehicle is on then the alternator does not charge the battery so that the electric current of the battery is not able to cover all electrical needs in the vehicle.

When the alternator arrives, the engine slowly breaks down or stops because the ignition in the fuel compression chamber is stopped so weak that the engine fails to compress.

How to Check For Problematic Alternators

Before the problem arises you should recognize the symptoms of problems that usually occur when the vehicle alternator is problematic, you can do it yourself easily do not need to go to the workshop, let's go ahead.

When the engine of your car or vehicle is turned on, you can do a check by removing the positive battery terminal (+) when your car or vehicle engine is turned on.

If your car engine turns off after the positive cable (+) on your vehicle's battery terminal is removed then it is certain that your alternator is problematic.

And if your car engine remains on when the positive cable (+) on the battery terminal is removed then it can be certain that your alternator is still good and normal because the electric current in your vehicle remains stable and the car engine remains on normally even without current from baterai

Alternator solutions are problematic.

If your car alternator is problematic after you do a thorough check then you can do repairs to the alternator with various causes of damaged alternator part components. If you want to be fast and do not have to be complicated you can buy a new alternator.


Once you know the sign of the alternator of the car or vehicle problem is expected you can check or repair your alternator before your car stops or breaks down due to a problem alternator.

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