Signs Of A Bad Car Starter

Teknoto.Net -  Signs Of A Bad Car Starter ,The starter on the car is one of the most important components of the car part. The function of the starter motor in a car or other vehicle is to start the car engine by rotating the flywheel for the compression process between fuel and fire in the fuel chamber or cylinder room so that the engine will run or turn on properly.

The starter motor in the car or vehicle can work when there is enough current on the battery so that the starter motor will smoothly work normally to start the car engine.

Starter Motor Components

1. Solenoid

This solenoid is a part component of the starter motor that serves as a magnetic saccharine disconnecting and connecting between pinion and flywheel gears. also, solenoid serves to channel the current from the main terminal (terminal 30 and terminal C)

2. Commutators

3. Armature

4. Brush

5. Magnetic field coil

6. Pinion Teeth

7. Drive lever

8. Return spring

Signs of bad car starters

Signs of motor starter car problems, of course, many of friends often experience this eg, the car is difficult to live because of the motor starter car problems eg:

• Car is hard to start in the morning or at any time

• Hard car starter when the car engine is hot

• Car starter only cetek cetek sound only

• Starter car lose

• The starter car is just a changes ngesan but the engine does not live.


Car starter problems such as the example above are many possibilities among them can be due to pinion teeth, magnetic field coils. you can replace some compound parts that if problematic or friends of friends can also fix eg rolling wire reset or if a friend's friend does not bother your friend can replace it a set of starter motors.

Car repair is difficult to live because the starter is not only caused by a faulty starter motor but can also happen because the car battery has dropped or the battery is low, you can make sure in advance whether your car battery is still good or not.


The conclusion of the problem of the car is difficult to start can be caused by a faulty starter motor and can also be caused by the battery of your car that is not good, so you must first make sure the problem before you convict the starter of your car is damaged.

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