Samsung Galaxy Android Tips and Tricks

Teknoto.Net - Samsung Galaxy Android Tips and Tricks - I made tips and tricks about Android Samsung because Samsung is one of the biggest brands with very large loyal users as well. In terms of price is indeed Samsung above average, again because in addition to its quality and achievements, a lot of variants are available to all circles.

Available types range from low-end hp to high-end or flagship. You as the owner of Samsung Android should be proud. But it would be better if you also know how to maximize and get the most out of your Samsung Android.

How do tips improve the performance of Android Samsung Galaxy?

Root and Unroot Samsung

Easy to root on Samsung. But some applications that I have proven can be rooted without a PC are Kingroot, KingoRoot, Towelroot. Once your Samsung phone is successfully rooted, you can change Kinguser from other King apps to SuperSu using Super-Some.

Turn off Samsung Bloatware

Bloatware is an additional application whose functions are not very important but instead increase the performance weight of HP because it still uses resources (CPU, RAM, Battery Storage, etc.). This bloatware app tends to be safe to turn off, not having a big or spiritual influence on the Android system.

Samsung and Samsung Pay accounts

Do you need or don't use both of these features? The answer is relative, for these 2 features you do not have to have. It's just that there are several advantages such as finding the location of the hp if lost, creating a virtual wallet, and other advantages. But if you don't feel you need this feature you can just turn it off.

Samsung Mobile App Package Disabler Required

The main function of this application is to disable the built-in applications of Samsung phones that are considered useless. By using this app the app will be turned off without having to be uninstalled. The positive effect, the allocation of RAM will be greater and Samsung's HP will be faster. The app also doesn't require root, and it's not huge.

Change Samsung Font

Just like most other Android phones, Samsung also allows you to change the font of the Android system. So, for example, if you're tired of the same old android letters or want to add new letters, you can use the front, Fontomizer, HiFont, or Font-Change apps.

Know Samsung Specs and Secret Codes

To ensure that the specifications of Samsung phones that you buy are completely appropriate (original), as well as know the Samsung secret code, Knox warranty terms, architecture system to the location of the origin of your Samsung gadget. You can use the Samsung Phone INFO app. Thus reviews about android tips and tricks Samsung galaxy hopefully can be useful.


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