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Teknoto.NetPortal InformTips Choosing When Buying Android Mobile - The number of gadget companies that released their latest products in 2020 yesterday. The main thing is the innovation made by companies that sell HP products. This makes gadget lovers confused to make their choice. Especially if there are plans to upgrade the gadget in 2021.

Make sure the Budget

Before buying an item, of course, we must have a budget or funds first. Don't let the budget not match the phone you're after! If so, you should make sure your budget is enough to buy the phone you want! Because the budget is also what type of Android phone you will get.

How do I choose an Android phone?

Find out smartphone specifications

In finding out about smartphones that fit your budget, don't forget to check carefully and pay attention to the specifications of each smartphone. Because this can reduce our choice from the many hp options available.

Prioritize these specifications to support HP's performance as desired. Knowing HP's specifications is important because not all websites, reviewers, and information submitted by others are entirely correct and detailed. So, you need to make sure of it yourself.


Random Access Memory (RAM) is an important factor in determining an HP. However, many misunderstand that the amount of RAM is equal to hp's performance speed. Whereas RAM is not a guarantee to determine hp performance.

The minimum RAM you must-have is 3GB. 3GB of RAM is enough to support everyday HP usage. Especially for those of you gamers who like to play games. The minimum RAM for playing games is 3GB. This RAM can be used to play PUBG or Call of duty games.

Find Out Which Smartphone Is Suitable

After making sure the budget to buy a mobile phone, first find out what smartphone fits your budget. This can be done by browsing the internet or asking competent people and viewing YouTube YouTuber gadget reviews.

Know Battery Capacity and Charging System

Next, find out the battery capacity and charging system. Don't buy a phone that has a small battery capacity. So that makes you have to charge many times. Once it knows its battery capacity, whether it supports fast charging or not. Thus reviews about tips on choosing when buying hp android hopefully useful. Technology


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