Motorola CP 1660 Handy Talk Review

Teknoto.Net - Motorola CP 1660 Handy Talk Review - Motorola Handy Talk Products are well known all over the world. Because of the popularity of this product, it is often the choice of many professional workers because of its complete features. One of the most popular is the Motorola CP 1660 Handy Talk. Handy Talk Analog is easy to set frequencies, making it easy for you to communicate remotely.

Not only that, but Motorola Handy Talk is also equipped with a Li-On battery that is quite durable when used. With a sturdy design, Handy Talk is suitable for a variety of field activities. Moreover, Power Handy Talk is large enough that it can reach a large area. Motorola even has DTMF and Voice Scramble features that let you make secret communications.

What are the advantages of Motorola CP1660 Handy Talk?

The design is sturdy with a comfortable keypad. Motorola's Handy Talk design is very sturdy, ergonomic, and easy to carry. In this product, there is a screen and full keypad that can be used to program the radio set manually according to the desired features. Motorola also features buttons that are large enough and comfortable to be easy to use. There is also an LCD screen to display frequencies and other information.

Motorola CP 1660 also features DTMF, which is an internal caller for personal communication with VOX support. This feature isolates conversation signals that you and your friends can't hear from other devices. There is also X Pand technology that provides clean, clear, and sharp sound quality.

Don't worry about long distances because this Handy Talk is equipped with strong power so it can reach a speech distance of up to 2000 meters. You can still access your communication while you're in a densely populated city. The range can also be extended if you use additional antennas.

Motorola CP1660 is designed for heavy field use. Therefore, there is a Li-On battery that is durable enough to be used and can last up to 11 hours of use. The battery size is also minimalistic and easy to assemble and install. So, you can easily remove it in case of technical problems.

Besides, there is also a power-saving feature that will make the battery last longer even when it is on without use. Motorola has also added a fast charging feature to this HT so that its battery can charge quickly. Thus reviews about review Handy Talk Motorola CP 1660 hopefully useful.


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