How To Upgrade Your Android Phone

Teknoto.Net - How to Upgrade Your Android Phone - As an open source operating system, Android is considered successful because it has been adopted by many smartphone manufacturers from premium to budget classes. One of the great things about Android is the huge number of features it has.

There are several hidden settings that you can use to make your Android smartphone even more advanced. Although simple, some of these hidden settings have functions that maximize the use of smart PHONES. What are some of them? Here are some hidden settings on Android that make your Android PHONE super advanced!

How to Find Lost Hp Easily?

Easily Find Lost Phones

Take precautions as early as possible. Use the Find My Device app to enable the search function for the lost smart PHONE, even if your smart phone is silent, you can still unmute it from a distance and track it from GPS. Most smart PHONES that already have the Find My Device app from Google can be accessed through a browser on a computer.Then sign in with your Google ID. Also make sure the ID is the same as the one you use on your smart phone. Once signed in, you'll get access to control silent, vibrate, or ring mode, along with your smart PHONE location. Furthermore, after selecting the sound or ringing mode, you just have to call your mobile number and find your favorite smartphone.

  1. Clear Cache, Make HP Performance As Seamless As New
  2. A cache is a temporary file used by an application to run or run faster when opened, leveraging files in previous sessions to shorten the time new files are collected as needed.
  3. Over time, cache files accumulate in the internal memory and can sometimes decrease the performance of the smartphone as these cache files increase. To clean it up, you can open Settings> Storage> Free up space.
  4. Press And Hold Home Button To Access Google Assistant
  5. Most Android phones have Google Assistant features. While you're chatting, browsing, or something you don't understand, all you have to do is press the Home button for a long time, and you'll easily find the location.

You can also translate foreign languages, read news by voice and of course say OK Google, to use voice commands. You can take advantage of this Google Assistant feature to get the most out of your Android phone.

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