How to Setup HP Android to Factory Settings

Teknoto.Net - How to Setup HP Android to Factory Settings - Currently Android smartphones are one of the types of OS that have the most users among other OS. In addition to being easy and user-friendly, the Android OS also encounters various problems, or errors while in use, one way to solve it is to restart the Android PHONE to factory settings.

A factory reset is an easy solution if you run into errors on your Android phone, and that includes a Recovery Mode feature for your Android HP Setup. After performing recovery mode, the Android device will return as new again. Why should I reset my phone? Here's the reason why we have to restart our phones because of the case below.

Why do we need to set Android to factory settings?

Boot problems on Android gadgets are:

  •  The Android gadget fails to boot and will stop and display only the device logo.
  • Forgot your password or PIN. The use of PIN and password to protect our android device from theft or prank hands, but if we forget to reset hp is the solution.
  • The application or software is corrupted or damaged which causes the phone to be inaccessible.
  • Android devices are turned on but can't respond even after being "tapped" on the screen.

Doing a hard reset of Android to factory settings can be done through the settings menu. But it will be useless if there are cases 1 and 2 above, so a hard reset becomes the only way to return to the original settings.

How to Reset HP Factory Settings

We can reset the Android device like new again by accessing the menu directly in the settings of the Android phone, but what is worth noting before doing a factory reset is that you have to back up all the important files that are in the internal memory.

Since the Android restore process to the default settings will delete all documents stored in the internal memory, you can save a copy of the file on your computer or external memory.

Steps How to Reset Hp

Go to the Settings menu. Scroll down the screen and look for the Back-Up and Reset menus. Tap or tap on factory data reset. Check the appropriate options, then choose reset device. Wait a few moments for the process to Factory Data Reset to complete.

The length of restart time corresponds to the capacity and type of android smartphone you are using. After all the steps of Factory Reset Android are complete, the phone will restart automatically. Thus reviews on how to setup the android phone to factory settings hopefully useful.


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