How to Set New Realme mobile

Teknoto.Net -  How to Set New Realme mobile, especially for you new users and old android mobile users who do not know how to set Realme phone. The trick is quite easy how you just follow the directions from the smartphone only. Even so, sometimes many users are still confused about how to activate the smartphone first.

Moreover, this time we will share tips on how to set a new Realme mobile. In general, this method can be used for other phones such as Vivo, Xiaomi, Samsung, Oppo, and Realme. There are important things you need to know when you first activate your Android phone.

How to Set up the new Realme mobile?

Realme is one of the most popular smartphones in Indonesia today. New users of this phone often experience confusion when they first activate their Realme phone, not even surprised many who ask for the help of the counter staff to activate it. But actually, it's very easy, you just have to follow the directions and steps below, so listen carefully.

First, insert the SIM card and turn on the phone

  • Select the language you want to use. Suggestions use Indonesian only.
  • Connect the network to Wifi, this is important because at first, you will need an internet network to ease the process.
  • Then sign in to the Gmail account you already have or can also create a new account.
  • You can also add another email as an alternative to ensure the security of your Realme phone.

If you've previously used your Android phone with your old email, you can choose the Backup menu. That way, all the data on your old phone will automatically be transferred to your new phone.

Also, set the date and time.

  • Set a password, either using a numeric PIN, Facial recognition, or fingerprint sensor if available.
  • Turn on the Google Assistant for voice search.
  • Start downloading the apps and content you want through the Playstore.

When we first want to activate the Realme phone that we often forget must connect to wifi first to be able to set up the next step. More or less like that, easy is not the way to set the new hp Realme, hopefully, a little info is useful.


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