How To Make Android Like iPhone

Teknoto.Net - How to Make Android Like iPhone - Do you want Android like iPhone? Of course, it can be applied, especially since the Android OS is an open-source OS that everyone can edit. And if it's just a performance it must be very easy for us to outsmart it. Without the hassle and root, here We will share how to change the look of Android to iPhone.

iPhone does have its characteristics, especially in terms of a very simple and elegant look. Many smartphone lovers are enamored with the look they have. So it's no wonder that users other than the iPhone go to great lengths to make them look like iPhones. And here also it will share how to change the look of Android Like iPhone by changing the launcher and other applications so that notifications become like iPhone.

How do I make Android look like an iPhone?

Espier Notification

For this one is useful to change the look of Android to iPhone such as iOS 6 iOS 7 and serves to change the appearance of the status bar layout on your android phone like iPhone please you get for ios version 6 and ios 7.

Dialer for iOS 6 and iOS 7

On the dial or call is also very important to support your Android phone to be more like an iPhone. Did you know the characteristics of the iOS display in this section? Well with the help of the above application everything can be more interesting and cool of course. The number keys are getting cooler and more nuanced on iPhone 6, so it's like holding your iPhone in your hand.

iPhone SMS app

For those of you whose SMS application is similar to iPhone, you can use this application, but with the look of iOS 7, you can see the view below, and to get it can click here. Although the SMS feature is rarely used by smartphone users and prefers WhatsApp as the main messaging app, some activities are still done via SMS.

Espier Control Center &Launcher

Espier control center is only available for iOS 5 and 7, while iOS 6 is not yet available can be used to set data, wifi, Bluetooth, media player, alarm, flashlight. Espier Launcher serves to change the look of your android phone to ios 5 and 6 which focuses on the android display menu. So it doesn't have to be complicated, install it on Android just. Thus reviews on how to make android like iPhone hopefully useful.


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