How To Hide And Show The Number Of YouTube SUBSCRIBE Easily

Teknoto.Net - How to hide and show the number of YouTube SUBSCRIBE easily, Make you a beginner YouTuber or who wants to hide the number of subscribers, of course, you can do easily no need to bother.

Why YouTuber choose to hide his subscriber count ..? maybe if you are a beginner who still has a small number of subscribers may be a little less confident with a small number of subscribers. but when a large YouTuber is already professional is better to choose the number of subscribers hidden.

There are several reasons why a large YouTuber who has hundreds of thousands and even millions of subscribers even hidden and do not want to be known publicly may be out of shame, or the owner does not want to look arrogant and there are still many reasons why choose their youtube subscribe number to hide.

Let's not use long I will review how to show and hide the number of subscribers as follows:

you can log in on your youtube account

  1. then after you log in to your youtube account, you can click on the top right corner that has your youtube logo.
  2. then you select the settings that have the gear logo 

  3. note in the left menu bar you make sure and click on the account
  4. then you can select and click the channel status and features 

  5. you select it and click Channel
  6. next, you select advanced settings
  7. then you scroll down
  8. Number of subscribers
  9. Show my channel subscriber count
  10. you can checklist
  11. next click save

here you can set it to your liking whether you want to display or choose to hide the number of subscribed to your youtube channel

your youtube channel successfully changed the settings to show or hide the number of subscribers as you wish

hopefully useful

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