Diagnosis Of Damage To The Car's Air Conditioning System

Teknoto.Net - Car air conditioning is one of the mandatory needs of almost all types and car brands must already be equipped with an air conditioning cooling system.

I can't imagine if the car's air conditioning system in your vehicle is problematic or not functioning normally, you will feel the ride in your vehicle is very uncomfortable.

Many problems of car air conditioning cooling system are common and not infrequently from those who feel tired with the problems of the car's air conditioning cooling system that is not resolved.

Car air conditioning problems are considered very complex problems and not easy to be handled immediately and return to normal, Why the problem of the car's cooling system or air conditioning is so difficult to handle..? I think the problem is natural because, the cooling air conditioning system in the vehicle is equipped with interrelated supporting part components and it is not easy to diagnose the problematic part components, and you or the mechanic must be properly careful, thoroughness and patient in sentencing the components of the cooling part of the vehicle's cooling system is problematic.

Usually, mechanics repairing ac cooling part components is just speculation and tends to be less precise in replacing or repairing components so that the cost of repair is greater and the car's air conditioning problems are not resolved.

Let's just how to Diagnose Ac Car Problems and Solutions as follows:

1. Check freon

The first is a freon check, if the problem of your car's air conditioner is no longer cold and the AC outlet only emits wind gusts, it can also be because the air conditioning freon runs out or the air conditioner compressor does not work. You can check to see if your freon is still there or is up.

How to check the freon, you can use a stick or nail and then open the valve or valve on the AC pipe and puncture on the valve of the AC pipe, the bill at the time of press ces sound means the freon is still there.

But when the AC pipe valve is pressed with nails or nail does not sound ces means the AC freon has run out.

2. Check the AC Relay

Next, you can check and make sure your car's air conditioning relay is still functioning properly. If your car's AC relay is problematic then your car's air conditioner compressor can't work so the air conditioning freon pressure doesn't work so your car's ac outlet will only let out the wind.

3. Check the Evaporator

If your car's air conditioner is still not cold or not cold at all, you can make sure and check the components of this part that is evaporator whether it is still normal or has leaked or clogged so that your car's air conditioner is less maximal in the process of cooling your car room.

Evaporator leaked then there will be a freon leak so that the freon will run out quickly and your car's air conditioning pendi8ngin system will be problematic. Not only does the evaporator leak but the evaporator can also get dirty resulting in an unpleasant smell in your car cabin due to dirt dust that settles and clogs.

You can clean and repair these part evaporator components to get your car's air conditioner back to normal cold as before.

4. Check The Compressor

Furthermore, you can check the compressor, this compressor includes very vital and important components in the air conditioning cooling system .air conditioner compressor works with the rotation of the machine connected using a fan and attached to the pulley.
The compressor serves as a compression freon to compress with air so that air enters the car cabin at cold temperatures.
If the compressor is problematic then the compression freon will be weak and if the compressor does not work at all then the compression of the freon will not occur so that the air flowing in the car cabin is only air without freon so that the temperature is not cold.
The solution if your car compressor is problematic you can fix it to make the compression pressure stronger, if you do not want to bother to repair you can do a replacement with a new compressor to be more satisfied and the air conditioner back cold and normal again.

5. Check dryer

Many of the owners of vehicles or cars that do not know and understand the components of this part one are dryers.
The dryer is a component of the air conditioning cooling system that is shaped like a bottle and usually black, this dryer is usually located on the front of the car around the condenser in the front bumper.
This dryer serves as a temporary container and at the same time as a filter and dryer freon after it becomes liquid by the condenser. This part component is very rarely damaged and rarely repaired and replaced. But it does not hurt if you check and replace it when your vehicle dryer is indeed time to do part rejuvenation.

6. Check the condenser

Please note that the condenser is a part component of your car's air conditioning cooling system, the function of the condenser is to change or exchange the heat to be condensed from the high-pressure gas be a high-pressure liquid which is then flowed to the receiver dryer and then forwarded to the valve expansion.


If your vehicle or car's air conditioning cooling system is less cold or problematic you are expected to diagnose and analyze the problems of your car's air conditioning cooling system before sentencing the cooling system part components are damaged, so that you can repair your car's air conditioning cooling system appropriately.
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