Dangers Of Radiator Leaking

Teknoto.net - Radiators are one of the most important components and you must pay attention to keep your car radiator in normal condition.

Almost all car vehicles use radiators as engine coolers to keep the engine temperature safe and well maintained. Many of the vehicle owners do not know what the functions and problems of this radiator are.

I'm sure you've used the term overheat on cars and cars stopped on the road because of overheating, it's an example of the danger when the radiator has a leak or a problem.

Characteristics of leaking radiators

There are several characteristics or signs when your radiator has a leak that you need to know as follows:

1. Radiator water is always reduced

If your car's radiator water is always reduced and quickly depleted can also be caused by the existence of leaks in the radiator, so you can suspect your car radiator is really not leaking. If it is proven that your car radiator is leaking then you can immediately be repaired for patching. If you have not had time to fix the radiator that leaked earlier you can often check the radiator water or add radiator water so that it does not overheat.

2.  The danger of radiator leaking

If your radiator leaks you are expected to always be alert and need to be aware of the water r4adiator to stay awake. If your car radiator leaks and is forced to travel then it will be very dangerous to overheat the car engine that results in fatal car damage. You should fix your leaking car radiator by patching it to the radiator repairman.

3. As a result of the radiator hose leaking

Leaking radiator hoses are usually caused by the long life of the radiator hose and the quality of the radiator hose rubber will become brittle and sap, so the radiator hose is very easy to break or leak. If the radiator hose breaks or leaks then there will be overheating and the car engine will stop and if this problem continues to be let then the damage to other parts components will continue to grow and can cost a lot of money e.g. down the engine.

4. Causes of radiator leaking

The causes of leaking radiators include the age of radiators that have been too long and fins radiator fins rust and corrosion, in addition to using mineral water that results in rust, radiator clogged.

5. Radiator service charge leaked

The cost of repairing leaky radiators varies around Rp. 250 thousand


After you read the review of the article above you are expected to know the characteristics of leaking radiators and their causes so that you can avoid overheating on the way.

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