Car Starter Motor Components and Their Functions

Teknoto.Net - Car Starter Motor Components and their functions – The starter motor is one of the most vital part components of the role of this starter motor function. 

The starter motor is located attached to the interior engine design, so in the process of repair, you have to repair your car so that you can reach the starter motor.

The problem of starter motors is very common especially in older cars or cars that are over 5 years of age and above.

Many factors cause your starter motor problems, among others, due to age factors and usage factors that are wrong in using the vehicle. mistakes in using the vehicle in the starter process will also damage the starter motor eg you do the starter for too long or you make contact starter when the car is on or the engine is on them if you often make the mistake your car starter will be damaged faster.

Here you can see the review below what part components on the starter motor: 

Komponen part motor starter

1. Solenoid

The solenoid is part of the car part on the starter motor, this solenoid has a role as a switch to disconnect and connect the electric current at the main terminal or terminal C. Not only that the solenoid also serves as a magnetic terminal that connects and releases pinion gear to the flywheel gear ring.

2. Armature

The second is Armature, this part component serves to convert electrical energy into mechanical energy or rotary motion energy.

Armature components there are several parts part components among them commutator, core armature, shaft armature and the last is armature coil.

3. Commutators

The next component in the starter car is the commutator, this commutator has a role to flow the electric current' to the armature makes mechanical energy in the form of changing the rotary motion.

4. Brush 

This brush has a role to conduct electric current to the armature to the magnetic field. after the current reaches the armature then the electrical energy is restored to the time through the commutator. 

Please note that this brush has 4 sections consisting of a negative brush and a positive brush that each has its role and function.

The negative brush serves to channel the negative current of the armature. While the positive brush serves to channel the electric current to the armature of the coil field

5. Magnetic Field Coil

This part component is an iron pole wrapped around the copper wire that can generate magnetic energy when passed by an electric current.

6. Clutch starter

This starter clutch serves to transmit the power of rotary motion from the armature to the flywheel with pinion gears to rotate the engine.

7. Pinion Teeth

This pinion gear is located on an armature iron shaft that serves to continue the rotary movement towards the flywheel. 

8. Drive Lever

This drive lever serves to push the pinion gear so that it can be related to the flywheel gear at the time of contact lock in the starter


With you know and understand the car starter components are expected you can understand to analyze the problem of car starter to be able to fix it.

Hopefully useful  

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