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Teknoto.Net - Android Mobile Tips - Android is a Linux-based or open-source operating system designed specifically for touchscreen mobile devices such as smartphones, computers, and tablets. Android itself is developed by Abdroid Inc. which is supported by Google. In 2005 Google officially purchased Android. There is no denying that Android is currently the best smartphone operating system. 


The best feature features and the latest updates make Android superior to other operating systems. Here are the Android Mobile tips you need to know. With the arrival of Android 10, the latest operating system from Android, a variety of latest updates are increasingly sophisticated. Well, this time I will provide information tips for Android Mobile Tips that you can apply on your smartphone, what are they? I will answer it through the following review.

What are the Best Feature Tips on Android Mobile?

Lock Screen

There are only your friends who are pranksters and want to see the contents of your Mobile. But rest assured, this time I have one more tip for your android phone that is with the screen pinning feature, you can create only one application that is open for access until you enter the lock screen code. then how do I enable this feature? Just open Settings> Security> and turn on the pin to screen

Various Ringtone Settings

You want your smartphone's volume settings to differ from the alarm volume. ringtones, and notification sounds on your phone? These Android tips you can apply on your favorite phone or smartphone by going to the menu then Settings> Sound> Volume set different audio sliders available. How easy?

Custom Ringtones

You can create a custom ringtone on your smartphone, the purpose of this trick is to make the notifications on your smartphone easy to recognize. You can set a custom ringtone that is of course unique to a specific contact by going to Contacts and clicking on their name, then selecting Edit> Ringtones.

Desktop Browsing Mode Mode

Browsing via smartphone feels less satisfying because of the small look, but what if we browse using Desktop Mode? By using desktop mode you will feel freer to browse like using a cool PC or Laptop, is not it?

If you're an Android desktop user, you can enable it by opening a browser> selecting the three dots in the right corner> and selecting Desktop Mode. Well, that's the Android Mobile tips that you can try hopefully can be useful.


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