Advantages and Disadvantages of The Android Operating System

Teknoto.Net - Advantages and Disadvantages of The Android Operating System - As it is known, the Android operating system is an operating system originally based on Linux designed for Android PHONES, and changed with the acquisition of Google on August 17, 2005, until now known as Android.

The Android system is now a favorite of developers and users in the world as well as in the world. For those of you who plan to use the Android operating system seems to be good enough to know the advantages and disadvantages of the Android Operating System, just follow the explanation below.

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of The Android Operating System?

Advantages of Android Operating System

Use designed to be easy on app features, and not hard to understand. Android can also be said to be an open-source Linux-based operating system. That way, it will provide a great opportunity for developers to create and develop good and advanced applications.

Users can freely choose which app they want to use. Tons of apps can be used for free with various functions, officially available on the Google Play Store. Apps for Android systems are also developed up-to-date so that at any time there will be a variety of programs with new technologies with amazing features.

You can install modified ROMs, but the Android operating system itself has quite a lot of custom ROMs. Take it easy, this is guaranteed not to harm android phone devices.

Android OS has advantages over other operating systems such as iOS owned by Apple, where iOS can only be used by products from Apple itself. Android can be used by various brands of Android phones such as Samsung, Sony Ericsson, Motorola, and HTC. Widgets on the home screen can be accessed with a variety of settings, quickly and easily.

Disadvantages of Android Operating System

The Android operating system seems to require the user to have an active internet connection. At a minimum, GPRS internet connection needs are required for the device to be ready online according to the needs of the user. There are a lot of Android apps that can be used for free, but often the apps used will show quite annoying ads.

The battery on Android phones will be very wasteful compared to other OS, this is due to the large number of processes running in the background that make the battery energy run out quickly. Thus the explanation of the advantages and disadvantages of the android operating system hopefully can be useful.


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