How To Prevent White Smoky Car Exhaust

Teknoto.Net - The problem of white smoky car exhaust is certainly not a regular problem that we can handle as quickly as possible so that the problem does not widen in other part components.

There are some problems that you need to know about the white car exhaust problem. I will review how to help your car last and avoid the problem of car exhaust emitting white smoke.


The exhaust of the car emits white smoke usually a leak in the piston ring that catches fire in the combustion chamber resulting in decreased engine performance and engine oil will always decrease.

How to prevent white-roofed car exhaust

1. Change oil before 5000 km

You can do maintenance periodically e.g. change engine oil on time e.g. before 5000 km specified at the time of previous oil change

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Many people think that KM can not be a reference, but in my opinion, 5 thousand Km is already considering the situation of vehicle speed such as traffic jams. So that the work of the machine continues to run so that the figure of 5 thousand kilometers is the average figure.

 2. Check the engine oil stick

The second is to check the engine oil stick, you can find out if your car's engine oil is reduced or sufficient.

If the engine oil is less you can add enough by paying attention to the mark on the oil stick at the F mark means that the engine oil is full or fully recommended.

3. Check for engine oil leaks

You can check around the engine if there is an oil seepage or not.

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In case of Leaked then you immediately check the engine oil regularly to make sure the engine oil is always insufficient condition, if the oil is reduced you can add enough.

4. Check Valve PCV

If your car already uses injection technology, you can make sure to check valve PCV in normal condition.

The PCV valve functions to deliver the gas from the crankcase to the intake manifold to be further channeled back into the cylinder. Blow-by gases will burn in cylinders, reducing the emissions of gas discharged into the environment.

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You can check Valve PCV by shaking the application beeps or not or inflatable at the end of the valve whether clogged or not, when clogged means Valve PCV is still normal.

That's all this article hopefully useful and can add knowledge about the automotive world

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