Damage to the injection car

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Lately, many people prefer to buy a car with an injection system with the reason to maintain the environment. Yes, as we know if EFI cars have much lower exhaust emissions so it is safe for the environment. Also, the fuel used is less but the power is very large.

Another reason why people love EFI cars is because of their easy maintenance. However, even so, cars with this injection system can not be separated from various damage that could happen to your car. This article will discuss the frequent damage to injection cars that you should know.

Frequent Damage to Injection Cars

Because this EFI car is very dependent on the electrical system, the damage that occurs will not be far from the electricity. Besides, injection cars are not just anyone who can fix it. Therefore you need to know what is the damage that often occurs in the injection car so that you can anticipate so as not to be damaged.

Damage to Pressure Regulators

Damage to pressure regulators can be said to be quite common in injection cars. Where if the pressure regulator is damaged it will have an impact on fuel pressure that can not regularly follow the vacuum pressure on the manifold intake.

As a result, the car can not idle or idly unstable. To solve this problem you have to replace the damaged pressure regulator so that the car can idle perfectly.

Damage to Idle Air Control

Idle Air Control or often also called servo is a component that often experiences problems. If this component is damaged then it can still be replaced with a regular Idle Up. But in need of expertise to make an idle up position to work normally. For Idle Up to function optimally, of course, it must also be connected with ac and power steering.

Machine Can't Live

The engine can not live is also the most common problem in cars with injection systems. Where there are many factors and damage that may occur. So it is necessary to do troubleshooting to find the root of the problem.

Before checking with other components, you can make sure that the ignition system is still running optimally, you can also check other parts such as fuel flow, compression pressure, air leakage in throttle intake, and other possible damage.

Damage to The Injection System

It is still related to the previous point where damage to the injection system could make the car so difficult to turn on. Because indeed the function of this injection system is to distribute fuel to the engine cylinders. This component is rarely damaged only often experience blockage problems due to the presence of dirt that inhibits the flow of fuel.

Dirty Air Filter

If the air filter is dirty or clogged then what happens is the car will feel uncomfortable and the fuel becomes wasteful. Therefore, when you are doing an engine oil change you can also do air filter cleaning so that the pull of the car can return to the maximum.

Such is the discussion about the frequent damage to injection cars that you need to know. As a good owner, of course, you do not have to be able to understand the condition of the car and the damage that may occur to the car so that you can take anticipation measures so that no damage occurs.

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