Radiator cap problems can cause cars to overheat

Teknoto.Net - Radiator cap problems can cause the car to overheat. Love your family do not get on the way you have overheating problems in your car caused by a radiator lid that is problematic. The problem of overheating is a very serious problem, because it can cause a car to break down and can damage other car part components that require a very large cost that must be done down the engine .this problem can happen to any car and we check periodically at the workshop or independently.

Radiator cap function

Radiator cap function in the car is not just a lid, but the radiator cap is designed with many functions, namely to regulate radiator water when the heat is excessive then the radiator water will flow on the reservoir tube or radiator spare tank .pressure radiator lid is about 108 Kpa and when the radiator water pressure rises then the radiator cap serves to open and flow by pressing the spring on the radiator cap so that radiator water flows on the reservoir tube hose .so also when the engine start to cool back then the radiator water on the reservoir tube will flow on the radiator, all of it works set by the radiator lid automatically with . 


Problems in the lid is usually because the spring on the radiator cap does not work properly so at the time of the radiator water pressure should be in the range of 108 Kpa and radiator water flowing in the reservoir tube, but the radiator cap does not work so there is overheating in the engine.


If this problem occurs you should be able to replace the new radiator cap so that the radiator water circulation on the resevoir tube or spare tank runs smoothly .my advice is you should have a spare radiator lid so that it can be used when such a problem occurs.


If our car is overeat we can do a check of the easiest and cheapest thing first is checking and replacing the radiator cap .radiator lid in the design is not just a lid but has a very important function and in case of damage will cause overheating and other fatal damage.

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