Car overheating engine temperature sensor problematic

Teknoto.Net - Functions and problems WTS sensors, ETC damaged in the car - the problem of the car is complex especially used cars or old cars that are old and it is time to rejuvenate parts, one of which is the problem in the WTS sensor, ETC sensor in the car that you must know. car users should know a lot of functions and problems of car part components so that we can independently analyze and repair the car independently if there is damage at any time and can also save.

What is a WTS sensor, ETC Sensor

WTS sensor stands for the water temperature sensor, ETC stands for engine coolant temperature which has the same meaning that is radiator water temperature sensor

WTS/ETC sensor function

WTS / ETC sensor function is to know the temperature on the engine and work automatically when the engine temperature reaches approximately 90 degrees Celsius then the wts sensor, etc sensor will work to give signals on the ECU and radiator fan to work cooling the radiator water. if the engine temperature returns cold then automatically the wts sensor, the etc sensor will break the current on the radiator fan .so the wts sensor, etc sensor works automatically so that the engine working temperature on the engine will be normal and stable.

Characteristics of damaged wts sensor / etc sensors

Characteristics of sensor wts / etc damaged, you can know the sensor wts, etc are damaged you check on the radiator fan whether the radiator fan is working properly or not. radiator fans can be late spinning or not even spinning at all. next, you check the radiator fan relay whether the relay is still functioning properly or not in a way you can replace the relay by swapping it for the correct relay that is still functioning properly. if the radiator fan is still not able to turn on then you can suspect the wts sensor, the etc sensor on your car is damaged.

Location of wts sensor on the car

The location of the wts sensor on the car is usually attached to the engine and is usually close to the radiator pipe at the top leading to the engine.

Faulty wts sensor solution

Wts sensor solution damaged you can remove the wts sensor or etc sensor on your car then you can clean on the brass or the sensor, usually this sensor does not work properly because of the mud attached to the sensor wts or sensor etc . if the sensor wts / etc still can not function properly then you should replace it with a new one. and do not forget to make sure the water quality of the radiator using coolant and clean.


Overheating can be caused by wts sensors or etc sensors that are damaged in your car, and you should be able to clean or replace the wts sensor, etc sensor with a new one so that the radiator fan returns to work normally and your car avoids overheating problems.

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